Child Soldier Argumentative

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There has been a growing epidemic worldwide, and we need to stop it. Child soldiers. These innocent children have been brainwashed into doing horrible things that they will regret. Kids as young as 8 years old become child soldiers and this ruins their lives. Being a child soldier scars you and most have a hard time recovering from that. Some may think that some of the children volunteer to become a child soldier from their own will. This is true, but many don’t realize the circumstances that they are in. Many children join for water, food, friends, safety or to keep their family safe. They brainwashed into thinking that becoming a child soldier is a good thing, and it comes with many benefits. The children obviously would choose food and shelter over starving to death out on a street. We can not blame the children for making this choice. In the article, “Child Soldiers: Victims or Perpetrators?” the author states that, “In the last ten years over two million children have been killed, over one…show more content…
In blown-out buildings, children load bullets twice the size of their fingers. In neighborhoods by the sea, they run checkpoints and stop four-by-four trucks, though they can barely see over their hoods.” This is absolutely horrendous, no child should have a gun, let alone a gun that is almost the size of them. These children struggle to carry these guns and feel no pain when shooting other human beings. The children take so many drugs that they can no longer feel any emotion or sense. Their minds become numb and they fall into a trance. These children will do anything that their superiors tell them, even if it shooting other humans with a gun that just as large as you. They also have to resort to killing truck-drivers to get supplies that they need. This is outrageous, and is an
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