Child Soldier Bad

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Have you ever wondered what a child soldier is? Or have you ever wondered what is was like to be a child soldier? I have wondered the same thing for weeks, and now I finally found my answer. Being a child soldier is the worst thing that any child could be. I feel bad for everyone and anyone that have ever face or experience being a child soldier A child soldier can ruin a child’s mind and they would remember such horrible manner for life. The children in the army are not responsible for their actions. The adults control their every move and make sure they are doing everything right. They give the poor kids drugs and alcohol to make them more enable to commit acts. I feel like the kids didn’t have a choice or option for this. They were taking…show more content…
Do you feel like that is right? Blaming someone else for something you did? Especially an innocent child. Some children are accused of criminal and bad behavior and get prosecuted for no reason. The adults do it and blame it on the kids. How awful is that? Did you know that 2 million kids get killed, orphaned, injured or, permanently disabled from the war? I know, sad right? They are forced to kill innocent people from their family. That’s messed up and sad how they have to kill their own blood. What if you were in a situation like that? What would you do? The bad thing is that they give the kids alcohol and drugs to trick them into killing their families. I find that so heartbreaking and heartless to do a such thing as that. And the worst part is they have to suffer. I hope you know how sad that a child soldier is. This is how people are treating their kids and other children.. All around the world 300,000 kids being a child soldier suffering from losing their family and also killing them. Now you see how bad the kids suffer from this, being a child soldier is hard as it is. I feel like this is heartbreaking to do to a poor child, ruining their mind and their brain by filling them with horrible things and drugs and alcohol. I think they shouldn’t get prosecuted because they are innocent and the adults are responsible for all of their
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