UNICEF Case Study: Children In Africa

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UNICEF and Children Protection
Case Studies: Child Soldier in Africa
Child protection issues are global issues experienced by every society in the world. Violence, human trafficking, exploitation, and neglect of children 's rights must have heard, seen and even felt by all levels of society. This problem should receive the attention of the whole society, because childhood is a time of the formation of character and the cultivation of the values to shape the future, not only for the child 's future, but also the future of the community, even the world. To protect the rights of these children required the role of all actors in international relations because this issue is no longer a domestic issue, but has become an international issue with
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Child abuse does not only happen in a small scope but has been growing, even past the boundaries of the state as in the case of child trafficking and child labor issues are more rampant. The growing interest and need for resources that are not limited cause new problems such as the employment of children in the various sectors to meet human needs. UNICEF as an authorized International Organization will play a major rule in solving Children Abuse and do Child Protection in International society. It had been seen in the UNICEF role to solve Child Soldiers in Africa. UNICEF is the real solution to the problem solving of the Child Protection.

But the development of this problem, the role of unicef alone is not enough to deal with the problem of child abuse. limitations of the data and resources become a major obstacle in running protection programs. society as a nearby neighborhood community must be pro-active in helping to resolve the problem of child abuse and child protection in the
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