Child Soldiers Argumentative Essay

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Child soldiers are kids that have been taken from their homes, given drugs, then given weapons. They must live as soldiers. They are thought to kill, or be killed. Can you imagine someone burning down your house, then taking you to kill for them? There is much debate over whether child soldiers should be allowed into the US. Child soldiers are victims of war and all that goes with it. Therefore, they should be given amnesty. Many children are forced to fight and serve against their will. “Human-rights experts estimate that more than 2000,000 children worldwide are still being used as combatants, usually against their will…. there have been reports of children being used as soldiers or suicide bombers.” This evidence from Armed & Underage explains how so many of these child soldiers didn’t have any choice. They’re forced to fight, forced to kill, and many are forced to die. Why should we punish those who never had a choice?
Furthermore, child soldiers should not be held morally responsible for their
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“It is unlikely that prosecutions after the fact would have this effect. Prosecutions only happen after the war has ended so those who recruit child soldiers will not take this into consideration. Moreover, they are already breaking the law by using child soldiers so they are unlikely to stop using child soldier just because the child faces a risk of prosecution.” These pieces of evidence are from Child Soldiers, Prosecution. The first evidence makes a valid point, the second piece of evidence explains why that is a mistaken argument. A criminal doing this kind of law breaking doesn’t care about the child’s future. They are driven by greed, and prosecuting these child soldiers will not change anything in the commanders’ minds. It will only hurt the children that had no choice in the
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