Essay On Child Soldiers

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Child soldiers are children who are below the age of eighteen. Most of them are being dragged into the army by some people killing their families to get revenge. Some of them don't have any food or water so they join the army to get all of that.
A lot of children join the army even though that's illegal to do generals still allow children to join the army. Mostly because of their families not being able to afford food or water or their families have been killed and they want to get their revenge on that person.
Child soldiers are not responsible for their actions due to a lot of people dragging children into the army or feeding drugs to children to make them want to join the army”Child soldiers are not morally responsible for their actions. Children are often forced into fighting and have little choice whether or not they enlist.” This reveals that most of the child soldiers are not responsible for their actions they just do whatever the army tells them to do and
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Another reason why child soldiers abuse their power is because they do not get punished by the government or by the lawyers because the government protects all of the soldiers from being sewed ”Allowing child soldiers immunity from prosecution denies victims justice. If you are a victim of an ordinary crime at the hands of a child, that child can be prosecuted and held to account but if you are the victim of a child soldier this would not occur.” From this piece we could tell that if a child soldier or a soldier in general sexually assaults or physically harms another person he won't get punished for that, but if a normal person does something to a soldier he would get sewed or get in jail for a long
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