Child Soldiers Informative Essay

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Hey everyone read this so you can get a little bit smarter! This is going to talk about the victim side of child soldiers and if you don’t know what victim means then look it up, I had to. Thousands of children are being forced or had no choice, but to join the army. Should child soldiers be given amnesty, yes because they are being kidnapped and force or even dragged into joining the army. These child soldiers can’t really think at all and they just do what they are told without talking back.”At a young age, it is often easy to become intimidated and children often don’t think of the bigger picture, in other words the consequences of their actions”(Child Soldiers-Victims or Perpetrators). It is bad and sad to use young children to fight and kill people.…show more content…
They have no choice, if they don’t fight, they killed, if they fight, they kill”(Child Soldiers-Victims or Perpetrators). Let’s go see what the perpetrator side is about child soldiers. Why can’t we just use child soldiers in all states to have bigger armies to fight the bad and help the good. Let’s get back on the victim side and talk about it. Child soldiers are young, mindless, an endless supply, and more like a perfect weapon, “While the number of conflicts involving child soldiers has dropped since 2004 from 27 to 15, human-rights experts estimate that more than 200,000 children worldwide is still being used as combatants, usually against their will” (Jeffrey Gettleman). I hope everyone will be
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