Summative Essay: Child Soldiers Should Be Prosecuted

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Teagan Hawes Position Paper Bend 2 Essay Imagine this: you are a young child who has lost everyone and everything, and the war in your country resulted in the death of your family. Your mother is gone, so there is no one to take care of you. With a gun at your head, the army general commands you to join his force--your choice is live or to die on the spot. So, you are forced to join the army. Believe it or not, this scenario happens everyday and not many people know it. “More than 90% of these children live in countries affected by conflict” (McVeigh), which makes these children more susceptible to being abducted, kidnapped, or forced into joining the army. In a report by Karen McVeigh, it states, “Last week, the UN reported 1,700 children, some as young as 10, had been recruited to fight in the three-year conflict in Yemen.” Recently, the case of the child soldier in Guantanamo has drawn attention to the topic of whether child soldiers should be…show more content…
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