Child Observation Essay

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In meeting my Educational Psychology coursework, one of my main task was to conduct a child study on a child of my choice; focusing on the different areas of the child’s development. The study last approximately three months. The aim of this study was to examine a child in their early stages of development; hoping to understand their physical, intellectual, social, cognitive and emotional development of the child I am studying. In order, to garner information regarding the child’s physical development, I observed the child during play and other learning activities. I also measured her growth doing checks on the child’s height and weight during the study. Observation of the child’s diet was also done as this is important in
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Lenya is able to coordinate and shows muscle control, she display her ability well on the playground at school during Physical Education time. Lenya small muscle control also continues to be refined, making activities such as colouring or using tools much easier and enjoyable for her. She demonstrate a natural athletic ability, and will be able to execute movements such as throwing and catching a ball or riding a bike with precision and agility. She also enjoys challenging activities such as skating and swimming and for me personally I have not mastered some of my motor skill because I would never be caught dead in a skating shoe.
Lenya is always being guided by her family members, especially her older siblings and cousin as she is the last child for her parent. Like any ordinary child she is loves to consume sweets but with a mother like hers, she has to eat her fruits and vegetables and her playing is her exercise. Lenya find school to be rather exhausting and most days after coming home from a shift school she eats some snakes or fruit, do her homework if she gets any then take a nap until in evening, then wakes up, eat dinner, bathe, play with her siblings or talk to her mother about school and then go back to bed for school the next
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