Child Trafficking In America

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Imagine being a young child and being forced into labor for 18 hours, your back is aching, and you never get a break, this is what a handful of children go through in America. Children in America are being exposed in Human Trafficking. “Human Trafficking” is the new term for slavery, a crime as old as civilization. Children and their families are having traumatic experiences due to the smuggling of children, which could have been avoided. The United Nations should avert child trafficking in the United States because it causes physical and mental complications to the victims, affects social lives and alters their education. Some people may perhaps say that child trafficking is good. But is it?
What is child trafficking? Child trafficking is
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The impact of children trafficking on the Children and their Communities presented “ It is very common that a majority of them quit schooling to work for their family’s survival.” This statement goes for older children. Obviously, the child wanted to support his or her family, but only found a job which he or she most likely did not know what it was about. “ Girls trafficked into prostitution are very unlikely to be provided with enough time and encouraging atmosphere to go to school, to study, or to develop other skills necessary for a career change,” said the Impact of children trafficking on the Children and their Communities. Because the girls do not have enough support or time they will most likely not want to study. The Impact of children trafficking on the Children and their communities stated: “ The only thing they learned as a life skill was the way to survive, and that was not their dreams.” Girls and boys should have a good education. They are the future of this world. But the only thing they have learned is how to survive. Now, how would others point of view see…show more content…
Child trafficking causes physical and psychological problems because the trafficker hurts them physically and or mentally. It affects social lives because people around the child might not feel secure. Finally, child trafficking interferes with the child’s education due to the environment around him or her. All of the society can help, how are you going to
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