Child Trafficking Poem Analysis

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Literature reflects the culture of a society of the period. This is quite evident from various works of art from the age of Chaucer to Shakespeare and till the modern era. The present study is an attempt to portray the cultural perspectives found in the anthology Contemporary Concerns and Beyond by K. V. Dominic, an Indian poet, short story writer, editor and critic. The anthology is the sixth collection of poems about the contemporary issues in our society. The poems in this anthology covers a wide range of subjects like challenges faced by women, transgenders, children and issues of war and peace, philosophical thoughts, social issues, etc. The research aims to bring out the culture of people as portrayed by the poet through this anthology. C. Rajagopalachari in the book Our Culture, explains culture as a social virtue, external activities and behaviour. He further states that self-restraint as an essential quality to become a cultured person. The research article highlights the above mentioned qualities as portrayed in his poems and also conveys the poet’s ideals as presented in the anthology. The poems taken for analysis reflect the culture of Indian society and the evils prevalent in the…show more content…
Children are considered as gift of the family. In the poem “Child Trafficking” Many children are kidnapped but at the same time there are also children who are deliberately sold by their parents just like the cattle. The case of girl children are even worse as they are made as sex slaves and forced into prostitution. Also the organs of children are sold. All these are due to the prevalence of poverty. The poet presents the data about people abducted in India every year. There is also an increase in the number of beggars. All these are the effects of the hard earned
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