Child Vaccination Argumentative Essay

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In the science sector, there are many arguments whether science is beneficial for humans or is it a curse upon us, this debate is also applicable to child vaccination. Child vaccination is a sensitive health topic that parents and doctors argue about, were some say that vaccination can be harmful for their children, others say that it might prevent their children from getting sick. What is Child vaccination? Child vaccination is the process of injecting dead bacteria or viruses in our body for our immune system to recognise as a pathogen^1 and fight that particular pathogen. Also the pathogen is being recognised by our body for the future, so our body can defeat this particular pathogen faster in the future and a person won’t get the disease.

Child vaccination is a sensitive topic, especially for
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After several hours of Julia vaccinating her child, he developed Autism. the child had lost his language, social skills, control over his body and got rapidly sick for 3 years. After this experience, Julia stopped her other children from getting vaccinated. However, Julia is not against vaccination, as she stated that “ I’m not out to band vaccines, I believe in the concept of a eradicating infectious diseases. But right now one size fits all for everybody is not working”(The doctors,2008). Julia states that “vaccination is a medical procedure that should have questions prier to getting a vaccination.”(The doctors.2008). On the other hand, Dr.Jim Sears argues that Vaccination can be related to Autism, but its not the main factor, there are many other factors that cause Autism, where these factors are unknown. Dr.Sears states that “many children get this disease without getting vaccinated”(The Doctors.2008). In his statement Dr.Sears states that preventing child vaccination won’t protect your child from getting diagnosed with
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