Child Vaccination Research Paper

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At an early age, the immune system of children are not fully developed, and infants can be susceptible to many illnesses that can become fatal without the proper care and prevention. The debacle on whether children should be vaccinated or not has become a major topic for dispute between doctors and parents. Children should be vaccinated because infants can become exposed to many infectious diseases. Without vaccinations, children are unprotected in the outside world. Numerous adults can disagree on vaccinating children because it does not create immunity fully, and people also completely disagree on child vaccinations in general. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, states that the best way to protect your child is to…show more content…
Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a lung infection that makes breathing challenging due to severe coughing which is easily transferred through the air (WebMD N.p.). The vaccine for whooping cough is effective in nine out of ten children who receive the immunization, therefore, creating strong antibodies in your bloodstream to reject the contagious whooping cough virus (WebMD n.p.). Among these diseases, polio is the deadliest yet the least contagious disease (WebMD n.p.). The disease itself is spread through contact with a contaminated person’s feces, but has not been a severe threat since the early 20th century, when vaccinations for polio were almost nonexistent (WebMD. N.p.). Polio, a viral disease, infects the body’s intestines, therefore not showing any real flu-like symptoms moreover, making the disease that much more life threatening (WebMD n.p.). A bacterial disease that causes infection and swelling in the brain and is easily spread through kissing or airborne contact is known as meningitis (WebMD. N.p.). Additionally, because of the countless way a child can become ill in our unsanitary world, children should be vaccinated to prevent the deadly factors of diseases. Accordingly, these diseases may thoroughly affect adults with tough immune systems; possible outcomes the diseases could have on children with weak immune systems are

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