Solutions To Child Abuse

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Child abuse is a very sensitive subject because it is not only something that is personally horrifying but that it may literally kill someone. Child abuse, Parental neglect, and childhood traumatic experiences are all factors that may contribute to the individual’s adult life. Some cases may cause a person to cave and commit suicide or to become a drug addict and turn to substance abuse in order to cope with their feelings. Some cases may cause them to realize the right way to live and they may make a better life for themselves despite having gone through hell and back to achieve it. From a social lense healthy family structures provide essential support and love that is much needed to a growing child. When this situation is spoiled by a family…show more content…
When it comes to child abuse there are definitely limitations to both sides of the problem. Depending on the situation there is no perfect solution to either scenario. There are cases of childhoods that were ruined due to social workers that jump the gun on taking a child away from its family and putting it into a foster home. Social workers need to know the line between disciplining your child and abusing it. But is it worth it to take that chance when the life of a child is at stake it is better to have taken a child out of a home then to have the child continue to be abused and having it hinder their adult life. The best solution is to promote awareness of child abuse and petition more advanced screening of child abuse in schools and other public institutions. For example starting help groups for victims of child abuse and giving them methods to cope with their traumatizing lifestyles. Making it a necessity in public schooling that students receive counselors who actually can help the problem or actually know what to do when faced with a problem. Teaching troubled youth to not let an abusive upbringing define who they truly are should be the lesson taught to these teens who are abusing substances or dropping out. Rather then letting them rot and throw away their life because we think they are incapable of change. Therefore it is definitely true that children who undergo a traumatic childhood or are victims of abuse have a direct correlation with negative outcomes of adult life. Societal factors and social structures also play a key role in the development of a healthy child so why wouldn’t they play a role in the lives of abused
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