Child Welfare Paper

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The child welfare in the United States is another role for many social worker diversity position for the well being of children. The child welfare system in the United States is a nonstop job in which role shift in optimizing family protection and child safety. In 1997 the law and process for adoption and continues advocacy for the safety of the family changed the background of child welfare practice. The purpose of the law is connected safety through a process and demonstration on how each factor is essential on achieving overall child well being. Each division of the child welfare system is designed to strengthen family the overall safety of the children and achieving permanency through support evaluation and assistances. “The roots of child…show more content…
At the same time, children's rights differ from adults' rights in significant ways. Children are dependent on others to learn the skills, attitudes, and behaviors that good citizens of the world have. Children having in circumstances that interfere with their development require concern. Finally, the proper growth and development of all children throughout the world are the responsibility of all nations” (Social Work., 2012). Each role is important to determine the service and needed assistances and wellbeing physically, emotionally, and mentally. For an effective child services are due to worker skills on descriptive their position. Each role relies on open and honest communication on acquiring the best intervention social worker dual role by doing a thoroughly investigation to help children in accordance to the worker expectation through this process worker decided what is best and what is not tolerated by own mean confidentiality to the victim and the abuser. The various division role of the child welfare system is applied through child neglect, (harm, physically abuse, sexual abuse) in which local agency interferes and removed children from the abuse home. Different agency like the department of social services, private child welfare agencies and
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