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For my EDU-119 observation of a childcare facility, I went to Enchanted Tree Learning Center on Friday February 2, 2018. Luckily the owner was a friend of my family so, finding somewhere to go was easy. She said for me to come at 9am. I arrived at 8:50 am. In this paper I will take you step by step on my day there. I loved going out and actually seeing what went on in the field in which I wanted to pursue. It was very helpful in showing me that I was right. I definitely want to pursue a career in working with children. In the observation I was only required to stay two to three hours. However, I loved it so much I ended up staying seven.
Upon entering the building I introduced myself, told her I was Mark Gore’s niece. She asked me if I was
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During this time the children could play, dance, talk, and basically just have fun being young. I thought this was very important because even though they had to take the time to learn, they also had time to just play and be children. All the furniture in the room was made to be child sized. Everything in the room was short chairs, tables, sinks, toilets etc. I found it very interesting that there was not one adults sized chair. So, at all times the teacher was on the student’s level. There was also hangers for each child to put their personal belongings. Each play area was divided by small wooded shelfs. There wasn’t really designated areas for play or quite time. Also the learning areas weren’t exactly defined. They learned in everything they did. For example during playtime one little boy had a sharing problem so he had to learn how to share if he wanted friends to play with him. Lisa informed me that they usually play outside during this time but since it was raining they would be staying inside that day. I did however get a chance to look outside at the Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE). There were meant toys for the children to play with and there was a brick fence around the play area. This keeps the students from running off and keeps unwelcome visitors from coming up to the children. I thought this made it very safe. I liked how the owner Mrs. Shante took that extra precaution when building her childcare facility. The displays in the classroom were mostly teacher made. Lisa is and incredible artist so she would draw and cut out different displays to put on the walls, doors, and throughout the

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