Childcare Worker Characteristics

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With the increasing amount of working parents who have children, comes the need for daycare. Picking the best possible childcare worker to look after your child can be quite the daunting process. As with many parents, their children are their world and want nothing but the best for them, especially when it comes to childcare. So what makes a good childcare worker anyway? Read on below to discover the top characteristics that a childcare worker should have, as well as a few vital signs to look out for in terms of possible childcare abuse.

Knowledge in Child Development

Although knowledge in child development is not a requirement for workers in childcare, it is a plus nonetheless. A person who has knowledge of child development would be able to properly handle if your child suffers from separation anxiety for example. The worker will more than likely understand
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And like any parent in this situation, you've probably questioned if your child has been mistreated while in another person's care.

A child who has been abused may:

Show drastic change in performance at daycare or school, or how they behave back at home, such as timidness or a reduction in communication.
Cry and put up a fight when the time comes for them to go to daycare. (This is where your instincts will also need to be a factor because your child may be exhibiting this behavior out of separation anxiety, rather than as a fear of abuse).
Come home from daycare with unexplained bruises, cuts, broken bones, abrasions and any other injuries. Repentance of injuries is a definite cause for worry and you should remove your child immediately until further investigation.
Choosing a person to look after your child can be a very scary thing, but someone with knowledge, training, and patience will be great for both your child and your piece of

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