Childhood Education Case Study: Zion's Strengths And Weaknesses

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Child Study #1
The child I selected to complete my case study is named Zion Smith. He is a one year old who lives with his mother. His father was the victim of gun violence months before he was born. Zion likes playing with blocks, balls, and cars. He is a very hands-on student. He also enjoys being outside, which is why he is very active.
When a baby is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy, it is considered to be premature. The earlier in pregnancy a baby is born, the more likely he or she is to have health problems. Zion was born at six months. It was very sudden and his mother had to leave him in the hospital for two weeks after she was released.
1. What are Zion’s strengths and weaknesses?
• His
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How are you supporting Zion’s development in the classroom?
• I am currently implementing ways to help him interact more with his peers. I allow the children to choose the center in which they want to play in, but I give them a task to complete as a group within that center.
3. Is the child’s mother an active participant in the classroom?
• Zion’s mother is involved in his learning process. She attends events regularly and supports us teachers and the administrators in efforts to help him grow.
1. Is premature birth common in your family?
a. No, Zion is the first preemie in my family. I walk a lot at my job; up and down stairs all day and this is what my doctor believes made him come early.
2. What type of support is being provided at home to contribute to Zion’s development?
a. I bought Zion flashcards and every night we go through them. He also plays with our neighbors children some days. I feel that he interacts with them more than he does with his classmates.
3. Do you think your child is getting adequate support at school?
a. I do believe Zion is getting the help he needs at school. I feel that his speech is improving; it’s just a matter of breaking him out of his shell.
4. Are you aware of the support offered in your

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