Early Childhood Educator Role

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The role of an early childhood educator is greatly complex and comes with many challenges. Educators play a crucial role in a student’s early learning years, so it is important that people who are wanting to become early childhood educators know what the profession entails. The roles that they take on continue to change, and it is in the best interest of the teacher and the students if the educator stays up to date on them. In order to be an effective teacher, the educator must understand the complexity of these roles and center their teaching around it. While these standards play a heavy part in early childhood education, the educator has the challenging task of bringing them to life and creating a safe place of learning and growth for young…show more content…
These educators have the task of taking children from all different backgrounds and molding them into a functioning members of society. Some of the roles that an educator must take on are being an “instructional leader” and an intentional teacher (pg. 26). These mean that educators are taking their role as an educator and creating it into someone who puts their passion into every aspect of the role. Being an “instructional leader” encompasses the main aspects of what is expected as a teacher, such as creating lesson plans and check on a student’s progress, but the main goal is to do so with intention. This means while it might be easier to teach from a book and save time by using another teacher’s lesson plans, the educator puts more effort into creating a lesson plan tailored to the strengths of his or her students. This also takes the educator genuinely understanding and being “involved in each child’s learning process,” (pg. 26). If the educator can get involved like this, then he or she can become a more effective teacher by creating activities that the students can be more involved in based off of how they
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