Childhood Love Lessons Bell Hooks Analysis

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Love is a powerful emotion and feeling that we cherish so much because it's so precious that we don't want to lose it when we have it. Abuse also has a powerful emotion towards its meaning too but is very destructive in many ways. In our society people confuse what abuse is and what love is when using them. They “use” them together in sense to say “it’s better for your own good” or ¨This hurts me more than this hurts you.¨ All for what?! Abuse and love both have powerful meanings to it but they can’t coexist with each other in any good way shape or form.

One piece of evidence to support my claim is a passage from bell hooks’ essay Childhood Love Lessons. hook makes a point that studies showed that that males and females who were violently humiliated and abused repeatedly, with no caring intervention, were likely to be dysfunctional and will be predisposed to abuse others violently (hook 15). This piece of evidence shows that we are shaping the way how our children will react and do certain things in their future. They will learn different meanings of love and discipline than other kids will. By the parents or abuser, the kids will learn that this is the only or right way to discipline a child so this will happen to their children. This changes the lives of the new children coming into this world years and years later to come. Abusing kids can only do harm, no love.
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They focus on teaching children how to be self-disciplining and how to take responsibility for their actions¨ (hook 19). Some people are surprised that there are ways to discipline without physical punishment. hooks makes a very good point on other ways to discipline a child. That physical abuse harsh punishment is not the only way to punish or discipline a child. Another a quote from Bob Shelby, a man who was abused by his father as a

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