Child Maltreatment Research

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Child maltreatment is a crucial social problem which is related to a complex of various aspects of the functioning of society and its beneficial evolution. The growth of the level of attention devoted to the problems of upbringing resulted in the appearance of a number of important questions. The relations within a family, the condition sunder which a child grows and factors that influence the formation of his/her psyche are the major concerns related to the issue of child maltreatment and its investigation. A number of scientists seek to determine the impact it might has on the further life of a child and his/her socialization. Additionally, the reconsideration of the approach towards psychosis and numerous attempts to elucidate the main concepts…show more content…
These approaches rest on the opposite visions of the impact maltreatment might have on a child. For instance, Choi and Sikkema (2015) tend to prove the idea that the majority of anxiety disorders result from the trauma a person experienced in the childhood. For this reason, they support the great pernicious impact the maltreatment might have of a common child. However, the cause-effect relationship between the maltreatment and psychosis is complicated and suggests a number of possibilities for speculations. There is the group of scientists who have troubles with the final determination of the maltreatment as the main reason for the appearance of various psychical disorders. (). Shevlin, Dorhay and Adamson (2007) conduct a survey to provide the credible information related to the issue and state that that child maltreatment result in the increased risk of the appearance of psychotic disorder. However, it is impossible to determine the direct correlation between these two issues. Furthermore, the investigation of the suicide risk among the adolescents provided the information supporting the close relations between the child trauma caused by the maltreatment and the suicidal inclinations of the respondents (Torchalla et al., 2012). For these reasons, the are many vigorous debates around the impact of maltreatment and the way it damages the psyche of a child. The majority of scientists accept the idea of the pernicious influence of the maltreatment and contribute to the investigation of its major
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