Childhood Mistakes In The Story 'Marigolds'

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In the story of “Marigolds” the theme is you have to learn from your childhood mistakes. The story “Marigolds” is about how her hometown is filled with dirt roads and it’s very boring. It was this black lady named Miss Lottie that lived in Lizabeth neighborhood who loved her sunflowers. Miss Lottie loved her yellow brownish sunflowers that was planted in her big brown dry dirt yard, she watered the beautiful sunflowers everyday. The children use to always bully Miss Lottie and make fun of her by throwing rocks at her and calling her a name. In my opinion i think that you should never bully anyone cause you don’t know what what’s happening in their life. The children always bullied her because they thought bad upon her. In the text on lines 185-189 it says, “Yall git some stones, “commanded Joey now, and was met with instant giggling obedience as everyone except me began to gather pebbles from the dusty ground. “ come on, Lizabeth. Lizabeth says, “ yall give me the stones ill show yall how you supposed to do it. ” It matters today among the teens because teens should know that you shouldn’t bully someone among how they are or what you think of…show more content…
They thought she was an evil witch who cursed people for the bad. Lizabeth destroyed Miss Lottie’s sunflowers because she thought that the flowers was destroying the relationship with her family. One night Lizabeth parents was fussing in the middle of the night. Lizabeth was tired of it so she woke her brother up and they ranned to Miss Lottie’s garden. Her brother was yelling, “ Where are we going ? Where are we going Lizabeth ?” Lizabeth dropped on her knees emotional tearing the flowers apart. Miss Lottie stood in front of her with her big feet mad and looking scary looking down at Lizabeth. Lizabeth was saying, “she sorry Miss Lottie.” But Miss Lottie never bothers anyone or even come out her yard. It matters today among the teens shouldn’t go up to someone house messing up their
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