Childhood Movie Comparison

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The two films “ Boyhood” and “Flirting with Disaster” , are different films, but they have one main thing in common . The main thing that they have in common is. The main characters of the films Mason and Mel Coplin were both trying to figure out who they are. They share some similar and different generational objects. The music choices for the films seem to have a similar sound to it . The difference is Mason is into art , such as photography , while Mel Coplin is interested in science, so he chose to be a scientist. For instance, in the film “Boyhood” Mason is interested in some science it showed in the scene where his dad was over , and he was showing all the artifacts that he collected on the trips. As he got older his passion was always art, he just kept furthering his learning about it , he decided…show more content…
He loved science , so he became a scientist . After several attempts of thinking he had met his real parents , he finally got to meet them , but not under the best circumstances , to only find out that they were nothing but crazy drug makers and they also was a dealer of the drugs. His dad was also a scientist , but for a different reason . So Mel looking at his parents was glad he didn’t end up being raised by them, even though not being around them his whole life , he still somewhat had similar behavior that was neurotic. The camera shots in the film were similar to the ones used in the movie “Boyhood” , which was mediums and lots up close-ups, along with some long shots. The camera shots expressed each moment of Mel Coplins journey to find his parents . The film was all over the place , so it was often cutting into several scenes , as he was meeting the different people he thought was his parents. The music played in the film really went along with the story plot and his generation
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