Childhood Obesity Argumentative Essay

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S M R Costa, E Isganatitis, TJ Matthews, K Hughes, G Daher, J M Dreyfus, G A P Da Silva, M-E Patti, Maternal Obesity programs and lipid metabolism gene expression in infant umbilical vein endothelial cells, International Journal of Obesity accepted article preview 17 August 2016; doi: 10.1038/ijo.2016.142.

Childhood obesity has been a hot topic the past several decades, it has quickly grown the research field on how it starts or where it starts. The ideals of over-eating, lack excise and the lack of nutritious options are what have been the culprits through the years. With new scientific research, there has been a new a culprit in this, childhood obesity can be passed through the umbilical cord of the mother who falls into the obese category. This is theorized that mothers who have a BMI greater than 30 could pass on obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases through that of the umbilical cord during pregnancy. It is also theorized that those who go to the 30 BMI index will also have bigger babies when it comes to the time of the delivery. Although the whole idea of ‘eating for two’ while pregnant has been talked about during pregnancy, this is nothing but a myth. The whole idea of being
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Each study brought up a cause an effect for the child and the mother. With all of this data, it would be beneficial to inform the mothers of their high risk and how there are ways to prevent this and help have fully healthy children that fall into the correct percentile. With the data that is also collected more studies could be conducted in order to help anyone understand exactly they are looking at and how to maybe help the mothers exactly what is going with their bodies during the
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