Childhood Obesity Epidemic In America

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Asthma, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, depression, and even death are all effects of a deadly epidemic that is surging through the adolescents of America (Johnson). This epidemic is known as obesity. It has become the second leading cause of death in America, simply because it can lead to so many other health problems (Johnson). This devastating epidemic needs to be taken seriously. This can be done by examining the problem itself, the causes and effects of obesity, and figuring out some at-home and overall solutions. Firstly, childhood obesity is classified as a serious medical condition that occurs when a child is well above the normal weight for his or her age and height. Roughly 9 million children above the age of 6 in America…show more content…
Cook at home: Studies show that families who cook at home more often are much less likely to have obese children (“Avoid Childhood Obesity”). Have healthy snacks: Always keep healthy snacks in the house such as nuts or fruit, instead of the alternatives like chips and cookies (“Avoid Childhood Obesity”). Drink lots of water: Drinking more water helps children stay hydrated, healthy, and keeps them less hungry and less likely to eat more (“Avoid Childhood Obesity”). Finally, Family time: A study by Harvard researchers concluded that benefits of eating dinner and doing things as a family reduced high-risk adolescent behaviors and improved performance at school (“Avoid Childhood Obesity”). If these steps can be taken to help the children of our nation, this epidemic will no longer be the problem that it has become today, but that would also require outside sources to…show more content…
Governments around the world need to promote physical activity, whether that be through more P.E. in school or other fitness programs (“Governments must act to reverse alarming rise in Childhood Obesity”). Governments should also support more healthy foods, especially since today McDonald’s will sell a burger for a dollar, but to buy a salad it costs much more. Also large corporations need to see the problem and stop ignoring it. PepsiCo has recognized that there is a lot of business opportunity in offering customers more healthy products, and health-oriented products are now the company’s fastest growing sector and currently represent almost 40% of the company (Hood). If other food and beverage companies could follow PepsiCo’s example, this world would be a much better place with a lot less obesity. To sum it up, obesity is terrible and deadly disease that is affecting many of our youths today. It is caused by many different things, and has a lot of negative health effects. But, there are plenty of ways to fix this epidemic, both at home and as a whole. As a nation United, America has overcome many challenges and struggles, and this is simply another one that can be

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