Childhood Obesity Informative Essay

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Life threatening diseases and more than 300,000 deaths per year are what the epidemic known as obesity can do to you. Obesity is an epidemic and has been recognized as a disease. Obesity has been recognized as a disease by the American Medical Association. Obesity rates are raising faster than ever. In fact, 1 in three of all Americans are obese. Americans are becoming fatter and fatter. Obesity isn 't just in adults. In fact, obesity is becoming a really big problem in children and teens ages 2-19. The obesity in children and teens is known as childhood obesity. Obesity is a disease and epidemic that is affecting the children and teens of the future. These are the different effects of childhood obesity, such as diseases, depression, etc. Childhood obesity is the…show more content…
But there is a way. Once you are obese (as a child) then it is very hard to treat.In order to prevent childhood obesity you need to eat healthy and exersize. If you want to prevent childhood obesity, then you need to watch what they eat and drink. Instead of stocking up on snacks and junk food, stock up on delicious fruits and vegtables. Don 't get something just because you think it is healthy, because in reality, it could be contributing to childhood obesity. A good example of this is Juice. The amount of juice intake can lead to about 500 calories each day. Just from juice! Another good thing you can do to stop childhood obesity is use 100% whole grain food. Another thing you can focus on to stop childhood obesity is making sure that your children exersize. A huge cause for childhood obesity is television. A child who sits in front of a t.v. for 60 minutes is likely to only burn 60 calories. While a child who is playing outside (running, riding a bicycle, playing tag, etc.) for an hour is likely to burn over 200 calories. Teaching children good exersize habits can help prevent childhood obesity.
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