Childhood Obesity Persuasive Essay

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Have you ever wondered why, when you order a salad at the drive- thru, it cost more than a burger with fries? , and have you ever wondered why some kids don’t play outside anymore? Childhood obesity has become a worldwide epidemic, but seeing and understanding the problem is the issue. Childhood obesity is due to the pricing that is on healthy foods, poor dieting in children, and the lack of physical activities. It turns out that the road through our stomachs may run through our wallets. The prices on healthy foods such as chicken, lean beef, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are quite high. This reason is because foods such as fruits and vegetables grow naturally, in which we have to wait for them to grow. However, fruits and vegetables spoil fast, and cannot be bought in bulk like processed foods can. Next time you go to the super market, take a look at how they are always changing out the fruits and veggies as they rot, but the food on the shelfs stay on the shelfs for several months to a year. Markets lose money every time they have to throw them away and replace them, which make them pricier than shelved foods. Nevertheless, farmers have helped make corn and soy much cheaper than fruit, vegetables and whole grain…show more content…
Parents play an important role, when it comes to the lack of physical activities. Most parents are often too busy to interact with their children in physical activities, or even suggest them to go out and play. Therefore, they buy them electronics and video games to keep their children entertained. What people do not realize, is that the lack of physical activities in a child will cause the child to gain excessive weight. Children are not being encouraged enough to interact in physical activities, now days they spend most their time indoors video gaming or on social media websites, finding it hard to find time for outdoor

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