Childhood Obesity Persuasive Speech

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General Purpose. To persuade. Proposition: Children are obese as a result of parents’ unhealthy lifestyle. Specific purpose. At the end of my speech, my audience will be able to understand why parents are responsible for child obesity and how educating parents will help to reduce the number of obese children. I. Introduction. How many of you have children, nieces or nephew? Are they overweight? Maybe you have a neighbor whose child is obese. Eighteen percent of children in the United States are obese. This high 18% is due to the lack of exercise (couch potato kids) and poor eating habits. It makes sense that children are obese because of parents’ unhealthy lifestyle. Today, we are going to find out why parents are responsible for child obesity and how we as a parent, aunt or uncle can assist in reducing children obesity.…show more content…
Problem. A. The statistics show a steady increase in the number of obese children. B. According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, today children obesity is on the rise (“Obesity in Children and Teens”). In the past 30 years, children obesity has more than doubled (“Childhood Obesity Facts”). It increased from a 7% in 1980 to a 18% in 2012. For instance, Kansas schools’ obese students increased from a 10% in 2011 to a 13% in 2013. C. Since 1982 the American Obesity Society is committed to the study of the causes of child obesity and the findings include the lack of exercise and poor eating habits as two of the main causes. 1. Parents do not exercise so children are not encouraged to exercise. 2. Parents have poor eating habits so their children. [Signpost: Transition -- So how do we deal with the lack of exercise and poor eating habits.] III. Solution. A. Educating parents, conducting child health seminars and maximizing the government advertisement for a healthy living are possible solutions to reduce the problem of child obesity. B. How will they reduce the child
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