Childhood Obesity Persuasive Speech Outline

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Thesis: Lynchburg parents should be the main factor in implementing healthy daily lifestyle routines in his or her obese middle school child in order to prevent the health risk surrounding obesity, to encourage physical activity, and provide healthy eating habits for child health. I. Many schools believe the best way to reduce childhood obesity is adding a choice of healthy school lunches and provide a class of physical education. A. School lunches and physical education class are the best way to eliminate child obesity. B. School lunches are only one meal out the child day and have little impact against the child’s eating habits at home. C. Middle Schoolers have a limit amount of time in school to have physical…show more content…
Enrolling a child in sports can be a great alternative then having a child inside playing video games and eating junk foods. C. Getting involved in physical activities with child can help middle schoolers spend time with parents and lose weight. D. Teaching the obese middle schooler about health and what foods are healthy and unhealthy or a great way for the middle schooler to develop an education of health. 1. Teach child that food moderation can help child develop a balance meal diet. 2. Allowing child to have an occasion sweet can help child not over indulge in junk foods. IV. Lynchburg Parents can provide healthy food choices for middle schoolers to eat. A. Lynchburg parents can limit the food portions and calories given to the middle schooler. 1. Giving a child fruit instead of desserts. 2. Instead of soda provide water or an all-natural juice. B. Lynchburg parents can choose not to go to a fast food restaurants and instead have a healthy home cook meal. 1. Parents can make a healthier version of the middle schoolers favorite fast food dish. 2. Parents can food prep meals ahead of time to limit going to fast food
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