Childish Actions In Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain is about a boy named Tom who's good behavior is overshadowed by his not so smart decisions. Some argue that “despite his successes and his charm, Tom is, in a very real sense, a bad boy.” Although that is true, he is a good boy at heart and all of his good actions outweigh his bad.
Some will argue toms childish actions can be seen as bad, do not outweigh is good ones. They are wrong. He has done many things just to see what would happen because he is curious like all kids. Tom did many things but his weirdest was when he gave his cat medicine that he was supposed to take. This caused the cat to be hyper for many hours afterward. Unfortunately, also Tom also liked to dupe people all time. Whether it was a trick to get him out of work or to skip school and go swimming with his friends, Tom tried to find a way around everything. One of Tom's most childish actions was running away with Huck
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His actions were childish and part of him growing up.Tom did many good things in the story, some possibly saving lives. When Tom reassures Aunt Polly that he came home from Jackson’s Island to alleviate her anxiety about his safety, he melts her heart. Tom also claims he kissed her while she was sleeping which melts her heart even more than he did before. Tom also saved Becky's and his life when they got lost in the cave. When they got stuck in the cave Tom made sure that they had food, water, and Tom eventually found their way out of the cave. Tom saved Muff Potter's life when he testified at his trial. Tom was in the graveyard when Injun Joe killed Dr. Robinson, and gave the knife to the then drunk Muff Potter and told him he killed Dr. Robinson. Tom did not confess to seeing anything in fear of his life, but Tom felt guilty about it and then went and told Muff's Lawyer. This meant that Muff was not guilty and was not
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