Childish Gambino So Into You Analysis

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Over time artists have created covers of previously produced songs to revitalize a song and give an artist a way to express their own creative ideas with said song. Childish Gambino, a critically acclaimed actor, writer, and producer scored a Top Ten debut chart placement, a gold record, and a nomination for Best Rap Album at the 2015 Grammy Awards with the release of his album Because the Internet ( However, Tamia a six-time Grammy nominated singer with the one of the most recognizable R&B voices in music produced multiple hits such as “Stranger In My House”, and the widely known classic “So Into You” (Tamia), a song that touches on Tamia’s feeling of being romantically enraptured by someone and all he means to her. Although…show more content…
As the song continues, a multitude of instruments fade into the background such as woodwinds, and an electric piano. With these additions, it causes the song to intensify, but takes away the sentimental feeling that is found in Gambino’s piece by making the song sound more like it was produced for entertainment purposes rather than to express feelings to a lover. “So, Into You” by Tamia has a wider array of instrumentation than Gambino’s piece but this causes her version of the song to lose the intimacy that is prevalent in…show more content…
This security in Gambino’s masculinity raises the bar and allows his vocals to accentuate his true thoughts on his beloved. Towards the end of the cover Gambino includes background singers who enhance Gambino’s thoughts as, he waited till the closing of the cover to include this addition. While Gambino waited to make this enhancing addition, Tamia introduced background singers earlier in her production which strips away the focus on the main singer’s vocals and relies more on the background help for support.
On the other hand, Tamia produces “So Into You” with a heavy use of background singers that reinforce that generic R&B sound that was so trendy back in the 90’s. During certain parts of the song Tamia’s voice crescendos to a higher pitch that tries to produce a dreamy sensation but falls short due to her usage of singers in the
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