Children And Technology Essay

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Technology is an important mode of communication for many children, however, it can affect child development. Many children are influenced by technology such as media, internet, movies, etc. Now many children rely on technology and seen technology advance them, but technology does have harmful effects on them. They are using technology devices every day, and they are beginning to lose interest themselves from family or friends from their communication skills. Also, their behaviors begin to change by technology, and they start having mental health problems. Children should be limited to using technology exposure because they will have positive emotion, and have more face to face interactions with others.
The children Lose their network to their family or friends because the way of technology changes their emotions. Children leads to negative mood because they use a high level of social use which can lower self-esteem. The more technology they use the sign show that they are interacting with their peers. Moreover, this makes it more difficult for the children to socialize with others and develop meaningful relationships with others. They can have a difficult time developing their emotions like other peers and engage with each other ( MCOptom). The children who is on their phones every day is likely unhappy and leads to depression than others who are not on the technology because to those people who decide to choose outdoor their mood may be happier or positive emotion because they got a chance to
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Because children are addicted and couldn’t balance the time to the technology, they would start losing their friendship, interact with others that change communicate between people, have a mental problem and their behaviors from each other may change. Technology has changed our social and daily
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