Children Caught In The Crossfire Analysis

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Maureen Samms-Vaughan’s article “Children Caught in the Crossfire” sends a very sensitive message to the families out there. The title encompasses the whole issue presented in the article. Vaughan creates a forum for families undergoing this issue, as well as for other families out there, to be educated about the severe consequences that the change in family structures have on children. Vaughan introduces her message by beginning with the thesis statement, “The change in family structure that children experience during their lives are not without consequences.” Even though the thesis would have been much more effective at the end of her introduction, it still helped to pave a path for the readers. As readers read the first line of her work, right there and then they are aware of what is to come throughout the rest of the text. Mrs. Vaughan centers her argument around what Family Functioning is and its impacts on the children. The change in family structure affects students emotionally, it affects their internal and external behaviour and their performance in schools are few of the points she uses to support her stance. Vaughan uses several credible sources to substantiate her claims which is a very effective way of making her article more believable. The article is built on a philosophical premise as the writer believes that there is indeed consequential impacts. It is clear that the writer, Vaughan, places value on the fact that children are at least risk when they come

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