Children During The Holocaust

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Children of the Holocaust The Holocaust was a period in time when Jews, Gypsies, the disabled, and other groups suffered physically and mentally in ghettos and camps. According to the website the “United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,” in the article “Introduction to the Holocaust,” it states the Holocaust began in January 1933 and ended in May 1945. The Holocaust was created by a man named Hitler that was trying to produce a perfect race. During this period of time, although adults suffered a harsh new lifestyle, children grew up in different situations than adults did. For example, they wouldn’t kill the children as fast as they would the adults. Nearly 1.5 million children died, and nearly 5.5 adults had died. (Antonio) The children…show more content…
Many jewish children were forced to hide in the shadows or suffer in concentration camps during this period. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum “children during the holocaust”, Children were used as laborers and as subjects of medical experiments. They were put under different types of experiments like aviation for the survival of axis, freezing experiments, immunization experiments for many diseases, and many other experiments to further the racial goals of nazis. Children were also sent to labor camps for imprisonment and to be eliminated. Children who were forced to hide in the shadows had to live under different circumstances than before the holocaust. Children hid under different religions and faiths like christianity, catholicism, islamic-belief and more. They practiced these different faiths in order to lessen suspicion. Other children who couldn’t hide their jewishness were forced to hide in attics and secret rooms to avoid being found by nazis. One famous child who hid in an attic during the holocaust was anne frank. She wrote in her diary of her daily life living in the secret attic during the holocaust. Many children were killed and sent to camps while others lived in the shadows trying to hide from the nazis and avoid…show more content…
According to “United States Holocaust memorial museum” in the article “Hidden children quest for family “ when the Holocaust was over families and kids would search but most likely not find their family’s . Kids that were put into hidden families would sometimes not want to go back to their old families and homes in some cases they would not even want to be Jewish anymore because they were raised to believe in other religions and in other cases the biological and fake parents would fight about who would get to raise the kids for the rest of their life’s. A lot of these people went to court to have them decide who the children would live
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