Competitive Sports

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The author Jessica Statsky in her writing “Children Need to Play, Not Compete,” expresses the damages caused by competitive sports. She focuses on the children from six to twelve years and authentically proves that these competitive sports with adult standards have harmful effects on them. Another aspect of these sports is that the parents, along with the trainers, expect the child to always win. This makes the game less fun and more hectic for the child. It becomes more like a job for him than a relaxation. The extreme training techniques may also have severe negative impact on the growing bodies of the children. The author also states that these sports evoke the fear of losing in a child’s mind. This may also affect him mentally.
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These standards require hours of training and exhaust the child mentally and physically. I remember that my training for football required intense running and exercise that once made me pass out. The hectic routine made me tired and fatigued. This can prove to be harmful to the growing bodies of the children. Thus, I totally agree that these standards are to be removed from children sports. It should be more about fun.
I think that the author has seen this matter quite practically as she says that the competition can be a part of the adult life and must be taught to the children but sports should not be the medium to do it. The competition among children make it stressful for them and it’s almost impossible to enjoy the sports. Competitive sport can cause the children to be under constant pressure and this can result in mentally upsetting them.
The author has rightly mentioned that the contact sports like peewee football can result in injuries that last a lifetime. This develops a fear of getting hurt in the field. The child thus avoids playing at positions where there is a high chance of being injured. She rightly backs up her argument with the quote by a coach that states that the children are so afraid to get hurt that they even avoid playing. Thus, this comment makes the point all the way more authentic and
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