Children Need To Play Not Compete Summary

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In “Children Need to Play, Not Compete” the author Jessica Statsky argues that the contact sports like tackle ball and peewee football have damaging effects on children. She holds a strong opinion that the children sports should be about teaching them sportsmanship and teamwork. She says that the sports that focus on winning either induce either the fear of losing or the fear of getting hurt. This causes the children to avoid playing. These sports also exert great pressures on the mind and body of the children. The author says that competitive sports become a job rather than a fun activity for children. As the focus of these sports is entirely winning, many children are devoid of playing due to lack of the skills. This enforces immense mental and physical pressure on the children. The author suggests that the sports should focus on providing equal opportunity to every child and should be
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Her claims are true to a great extent as the games like peewee football and tackle ball has a very negative impact on children. As children are prone to ‘self-prevention’ they never like to be confronted by their own age mates. Therefore, such game only persuades them to be fearful. These games should not promote children hitting one another. This is a major reason that the children lose their interest in sports.
The author perfectly reinforces the true spirit of sports. She reminds the user of all the reasons sports are to be played. I agree with her that sports should be about teaching the children tolerance, sportsmanship, and teamwork. These are some of the factors that can help them in their practical life as well. The basic purpose of playing sports should be fulfilled. They are to help a child grow healthier. This is ignored most of the times when it comes to competitive sports and the idea becomes all about
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