Children Of Heaven Analysis

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‘The children of heaven’ is the movie which is based on the feelings of children for their family and their needs. The movie has depicted poverty of a family and how it acts on the psychology of the children. The movie is basically from Iran. It has subtitles. Good lord! And its subtitles are easy for 8- or 9-year-olds children, who can whisper them to their siblings, and maybe this is their perfect introduction to subtitles. The theme of this movie is so universal that there is not a child who will not be wide-eyed with interest and suspense.
The story of the film is about a boy who loses his sister 's shoes. He takes them to the cobbler for repairs to make them fit for her sister to wear while going to school, and on the way to home, when he stops to pick up some vegetables for his mother to cook, a blind trash collector accidentally carries them away. Of course, the boy, named Ali, is afraid to tell his parents. Of course, his sister, named Zahra, wants to know how she is supposed to go to school without shoes. The children
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This movie has shown the ways how the different aspects of our daily life affects the development and psychology of children. The poverty of the family, daily life circumstances, needs of the people, family responsibilities, care and love of a family, dedication to one’s parents, difference of society, behavior of people are all the aspects that may influence directly or indirectly on the psychology of the children. This film has a wonderful scene where Ali and his father bicycle from the almost medieval streets and alleys of the old town to the high-rises and luxury homes where the rich people live. The father hopes for work as a gardener, but he is intimidated by the challenge of speaking into the intercoms on the gates of the wealthy. His son jumps in, with offers of pruning, weeding, spraying and trimming. It is a great triumph. The father become happy and praise Ali for his better understanding in communication with different
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