Children Of The Dust Simon Quotes

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Children of the Dust is a novel about a nuclear fallout and the people who rebuild society, I'm focusing on Simon who is the first sign of hope for the dinosaurs in the bunker. I believe that Simon is an interesting character in this story because he inhabits all of the traits that the communist society of the mutants didn't like. For example he is quite selfish and can't come to the realisation that his race is becoming outdated. We see this in the text as he uses a lot of personal pro-nouns such as when he said "And where are my clothes" to Laura, this implies that he is thinking about himself, if he was a non-selfish person he would have said something along the lines of "Hey Laura, could you please get me my clothes". I believe that this choice of wording helped Laura know he was angry (also telepathy helps) and prompted her to try to change him. I think that the significance of this on the story is that the utopian mutant society have decided…show more content…
This is shown in the text as he has many epiphanies throughout the entire section he is in. I think this is because he is being pushed outside his comfort zone when he was asked to live with a different race. As soon as he was comfortable with the situation he decided to open up his mind to the outside world and accept the fact that he is not going to be treated differently because he is a different race (this removes the racism aspect from his persona because he knows that they don't hate them) this also levels of the inequality because they treat each other equally. He then realises that he is part of a society now and that he would always get what he needs to survive (removing the need for selfishness). This process removed the negative aspects of his personality and made him a better
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