Children Of The River Essay

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“Children of the River takes place in Cambodia, then she goes to America with her aunt. In Cambodia they don 't have phones, or tv, or even much technology. Unlike here in America we have all kinds of technologies like, iphones, ipods, ipads, computers, and televisions. “Children of the River” is about a thirteen year old girl, Sundara who lives in Cambodia. “She goes to visit her aunt and uncle when he and her aunt, Soka decide to flee Cambodia to go to America”. In America she meets an American boy, Jonathan. “They become good friends and start to have feelings for eachother but her parents won’t let her date or marry anybody that’s not Cambodian”. America and Cambodia have different living ways too because in Cambodia they have different ways of doing things like, what…show more content…
“Jonathan ends up quitting the football team because of what Sundara tells him about Cambodia”. “Things start to get better when Jonathan 's dad goes on a mission trip, only because Jonathan screamed at his dad for not coming through on going to help out with the work that was being done for the church”. Jonathan is feeling sorry that he screamed at his dad.. It looks to get tougher to see each other about what went on between them earlier in the book.. When Moni, her friend from Cambodia go on a trip together to collect bottles, Sundara sees a broken doll. The doll reminded her of Noka’s baby that died, making her fall into tears. Soka then tells her about how she feels about Sundara, which shows Soka how she feels about her. Later on in the book, “Sundara gets a letter letting her know that Mayoury, her sister is alive and well in a Thai border camp”. I like how this book ends it is so happy feeling and makes Sundara happy because she knows Mayoury is alive. “Then, Sundara finally tells Jonathan how she feels about him and confesses their feelings for eachother”. I would recommend this to someone who would like books about love and to someone who likes to know about other places like,
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