Children Of The Sea By Edwidge Danticat Analysis

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“Children Of the Sea” by Edwidge Danticat The history is about a young boy, fleeing from his country for a political violence, reason and struggle. Some of his people also run away from their country to escape violent in the country. As the situation of his country gating worst . He decided end up being on boat. The boy left his loved ones back home. “ Your father will probably marry you off since I am gonna whatever you do please don’t marry a soldier.” People were killed and told their families to collect their bodies.“ A group of student got shot in front of dimanche prison today.” While he is in boat he saw a young pregnant girl. Her face is coved scars. She was short and young. He used to know a lot about America, and then he realized how exactly far away from. He dreamed that they were got on hurricane so, he gave up and sometime he want to have hope of living.. “I am more comfortable now with the idea of dying.” First real day of sea. People on boat were so tied everyone started vomiting. One of the old lady fainted. Some women including young boy on the boat were singing for beloved country Haiti that they left because of wars. “ There is no place like you beloved Haiti.” Very emotional he stared crying. Some water comes in to the boat . The captain orders people to go one side., an then used tar to clog the up the hole. The boy dreamed again that he died and…show more content…
The author wants as to opened our hearts so that people like this who run away. violent for their country they want only safe place that there is no way of retuning back to their contry. She also shows that like many people in this wolrd they dont know what is happened why people run away from their country. by knowing that it will be easy to welcome such a people to your contry. She also tryng to disaprove false assumbtion about people who run away their
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