Children Poor In America

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According to Rector and Sheffield 's report, the 200 census said that one out of seven Americans are poor. It also mentions that for the past two decades over 30 million Americans have been living in poverty. Wikipedia defines poverty as the condition of one who does not have a specific measure of material belonging or cash. However, too many average Americans “poverty” means material hardship, failure to supply a family with enough food, a safe place to live, and clothes. The report mentions that many advocates agree with this view and that the news enhances this belief through stories on needy families, individuals living in disintegrating shacks, or lines of the homeless eating in soup kitchens. The description of living in hardship above is not really how poor Americans live, according to the government 's survey. The government data proves that an average family unit who is poor lives in a house or loft outfitted with ventilation and satellite TV. The kitchen at this family home has a microwave, refrigerator,…show more content…
According to the survey, poor children regularly have access to these resources to help them learn. The issue with the government 's survey is the researchers only looked at individuals who are privileged rather than individuals who are living poor. It makes it unclear to figure out whether poverty affects children development or Americans defining poverty wrong this whole time. From experiences, I can say that poverty can influence your performance and ability to progress normally. I experienced not being able to attend school, missing meals, not having electricity to complete homework, and not getting enough rest it not only delayed my development but my ability to gain knowledge just like an average child. I was behind until I reach 7th grade. Writing and reading was a subject that I had many problems with and wasn 't able to grasp it thoroughly like normal
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