Children Stolen Social Class

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We all have different views of the world that we live in, and we all have our stories to tell. But for the millions of kids that are being captured and sold to factories around the world, telling a story about their life would be an impossible thing to do. Unexpectedly, most cases when children are found working in some sort of unimaginable field, they are working to help their family out of poverty. With the income of only $15 a month, they suffered severed beatings forming unrepairable injuries and neglect leading to physical and emotional damage. Child labor happens for many reasons, being stolen, turned into a slave and poverty are the main reasons. Blindly, we refused to see the world differently from how we were raised. But parts of the world where much of the land is inhabited by families with scarce income, children are more likely to be forced to work because of poverty. Therefore children are easily stolen daily because…show more content…
Households in"Middle Class" generally don 't insist their children to work, however the children choose to work on their own instead. These teenagers can learn some life disciplines that would improve their decisions later in life, plus learn about real-life world problems and understand the value of how important and how hard it is to make money. These experiences and exposure will definitely think through their decisions if it 's really worth to buy something. Youngsters that are born into families in the lower class doesn 't have many options. They grow up way too quick and the responsibilities just keeps piling up. They work all day, without jubilation or without being able to just be normal teenagers. Even with money coming in, these little earnings doesn 't help with their living conditions but it helps the family to survive another day. Life isn 't easy, money doesn 't grow on trees. You cannot just pick it up anywhere. It 's not free and you have to work for everything that 's you 've got in life. And these kids
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