Children Vulnerable Children

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For many years, Philippines have been struggling against different phenomena like economic challenges, natural disasters, detrimental diseases, unending poverty, hunger, and senseless abuse. The most affected and limited are the vulnerable children since they have nothing to do with it and just accept the reality life has to offer in their very young ages. It is alarming that it cannot be stopped and prevented. Wherever people go in the Philippines, some children are seen begging on the streets and experiencing hunger. Most of them are either abandoned or neglected, and some had deceased parents. Unfortunately, the population of the orphaned children among Filipinos is rapidly increasing. Thousands of impoverished urban orphaned children are greatly taking up; they have been deprived by many privileges and rights like education and healthcare. Worst scenario, some are even exposed to violence, harsh labor conditions, high risk of exploiting to gangs and other violent groups, and child trafficking. With the aforementioned, the children’s psychological well-being are greatly affected may it be physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually (Orphans in the Philippines, 2016).
While many orphanages and private institutions render service to the orphaned children, they are not simply enough to the massive needs and increasing number of orphans in the country. This is blatantly evident as the Philippine government has not created any specific laws about the orphans;

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