Divorce Effects On Children Essay

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Literature review, 17.11.17

Research question: How do children respond to divorce? OR
How does divorce impact children’s wellbeing?
How can parents treat their own good and their children’s good equally?
Research objectives:
(To assess whether divorce has an impact on children’s wellbeing (mentally + physically)) - explanatory
To analyze and explain children’s behavior during and after a divorce (How? Why?) - descriptive
-> To develop an understanding for children’s behavior during and after a divorce

1 Problem – solution
2 Argument – counter argument
3 Thematic

Family plays a very big role in a child’s life. According to Alan E. Kazdin, healthy marriages are beneficial not only for couple’s but also the children’s mental and physical health, as well as protection from educational and social struggles. Hence, the child and how it’s life is going to be affected is a major factor to consider in the event of a divorce. Divorce can affect a child’s development, behavior and also their stress levels considering it is a very difficult experience. Research shows that “children often recover soon after the divorce, however in some cases it has affected them
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Nevertheless Elissa P. M.D. Benedek and Catherine F. Brown note that it hardly ever pays off to try sustaining a marriage solely for the sake of the children, but in fact might even cause more damage in the end. Children with divorced parents were found to be more capable of dealing with the situation than children with parents staying together for them, even though a divorce would have been filed for if it was not for the children. The reason for this are the verbal and/or physical assaults the children are being confronted with as opposed to those whose parents got divorced (How to Help Your Child Overcome Your Divorce: A Support Guide for Families, 2001, p.
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