Disabilities In Education

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Education is an international human right essential to the life of an individual and to a community, as it is believed that if children receive basic primary education, they will likely be literate and will have the basic social and life skills necessary to secure a job, to be an active member of a peaceful community, and to have a fulfilling life. Education provides opportunities for personal, social and academic development and is important for future employment and integration in society. School are one of the first places where children learn to relate and interact cooperatively with one another. It is often in relation to their peers that children begin to develop a perception of themselves and of the world around them. As such, a student’s…show more content…
The Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children notes, however, that “there are still incidents…where schools and school boards inappropriately separate children with disabilities or fail to provide appropriate support” (2011a: 77). Despite these incidents, the overarching policy and legislation usually entitles children with disabilities— theoretically, at least—to publicly funded education in the same setting as children without 12 disabilities. As well, children with disabilities may be able to obtain the appropriate supports needed to participate in the classroom through the public education system.
Barriers to education can take a variety of forms. They can be physical, technological, systemic, financial, or attitudinal. They can arise from an education provider’s failure to make available a needed accommodation, or to provide one in a timely manner.
Low socio-economic
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I believe CYCs can help facilitate this transition. A CYC can help by identifying and providing a suitably in-depth assessment of individual children and adolescents, as well as, designing, implementing and evaluating interventions to assist students (and families if necessary) in dealing with specific school-related issues. In addition to this, we can help by developing programs in response to student request or assessed need with both "normal" and "special needs" students in order to promote the integration of special needs and normal
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