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Children’s literature means anything which is particularly written for children. Children 's books and literature designed for language development in children encourage the beginning reader to form a positive early literacy experience. The role of children’s literature in students, second/foreign language development includes listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Children’s literature includes stories, book, novels, magazines, and poems that are enjoyed by children. Modern children’s literature is divided into two different ways: genre or the intended age of the reader. Literature is language, and children’s language grows through experiences, motivations, learning process. Literature gives us experience and the context that help us to understand the language and our own development. Children talk about themselves and their activities. By involving them in various activities, they interact with the society and more importantly they take part in construction of the society, children expand their mental processes, involve language development, through the help and use of touching, hearing, tasting, seeing and smelling. In selecting appropriate literature in the context of the primary language of instruction, teachers of young learners need to consider every aspect of individual development. This includes cognitive development generally, and physical, social, emotion and moral development, as well as the development of language .(Raines, 1994).

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