Children's Literature: The Importance Of Children Literature

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Children Literature is considered the most interesting of all literary works; it varies from novels to short stories and from oral forms to picture books and multimedia. Children literature is very important because it is connected to cultural, social and educational aspects in our life and also is helping us in understanding literacy and personal development. Fairy tales are the basic of children literature. From the history of the fairy tales, we found that they were created originally for adults not for children. Therefore, many of the fairy tales have been changed in the seventeenth century. Reading books for children is more complicated than reading for adults. When we read adults’ books, we read them in two ways: first for ourselves adopting the role of implied readers, secondly more analytically in order to discuss it with others. On the other hand, when we read children’s books as an adult we ignore the implied readership but as a child we accept the implied readership, moreover, when we read as a child, we can be a constructed or remembered child. Peter Hunt commented: “To reread a children’s book from childhood, perhaps as an escape from the stresses of adulthood, evades both the real now and the real then” It is very obvious that our purposes from reading children books as adults are different from reading them as children. Beauty and the beast is a very famous fairy tale which tells the story of a pretty girl, called Beauty, with the Beast. Beauty’s

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