Childrens Literature: The Importance Of Children's Literature

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Ever since there were children, there has been children 's literature” (lerer, 2008). Children 's literature is a field that emerged long time since the age of Ancient Greek, but it was limited to one genre of literature which is short stories, most of them were told orally only. These stories became a kind of folklore, in which there are no exact records for them. However, with the development of the science, technology, psychology and philosophy, this field of literature had become more important in pedagogy and get more attention last few years. Scholars had found that teaching children through literature and stories could be useful than the traditional ways of teaching. Adding to that, reading stories can help the children to develop their self-confidence, advance their knowledge and their language. Also, it will make them more imaginative, creative, and emotional.

Publishing books for young readers in England had approximately started in the seventeenth century. Not all the books that the children read during this century were intended to be children’s books, Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, for example, was published as adult’s story but children were interested in reading it. Generally, books that were made especially for children in the seventeenth century’s were limited to certain topics such as pedagogy and religion. For example, teaching alphabet, sounds, good manners, and moral lessons and religious concepts. People believe that reading a very important skill

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