Children's March Dbq

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“We shall overcome,” sang the black children of Birmingham, Alabama. On May 2 1963 the Children's March of Birmingham, Alabama started. Over 3000 kids were involved and most ended up in jail. To this day the march has changed how the world looks at black children's rights. The children's march has lead up to what now is called the civil rights act which has also changed our world today. The Children’s March was first introduced by Rev. James Bevel. He was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and his speech. All the blacks of Birmingham, Alabama went to M.A.S.S meetings on saturdays in the church on 16th Street. In the meetings they were told that something was going to happen but they needed to help and everyone to participate in it. They were…show more content…
After the parents found out their kids were in jail they wanted to help with the protest. After 3 weeks in jail a singer and some northern people helped with the bail money. When the kids were bailed out they went back to their normal lives and then shortly after the civil rights act of 1964 came. After the children's march all the 250,000 kids that participated it are very successful now. Most have high paying jobs and have worked for a long time. After those 4 days all the kids who participated in the march were expelled from school. Once they found new schools to go to they went on to college and graduated to be very successful which most of those people are now. A short time after the march the civil rights act of 1964 started and both were a success.
The children's rights was a success in the civil rights movement. Although most kids were in jail and got expelled from school the black kids of Birmingham, Alabama changed the children's rights forever. From being beaten with batons and police dogs ripping their skin and clothing to walking 16 miles to the church, they did it. To this day the Children's March has changed our world today. As Gandhi said “if we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the
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