Children's Misconceptions In Primary Science

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Assignment- A written account of the main implications of children’s misconceptions in Primary Science.
A science misconception is where children have an incorrect idea of a science topic that causes a barrier in understanding and to learning in all levels of education (Allen 2014), children’s idea’s come from their life experiences and the interaction which they display to other children and adults that shapes their ideas and understanding (Sewell, 2014). It can be influenced by many things such as the media or even from family or friends for example the Cars (2006) movie which shows children that cars are alive and have human facial features this leads to the children obtaining a misconception that cars are alive. However, children already have a bit of knowledge about science before entering school which is why they have their own understanding of how the world works during their time in the classroom. (Henriques 2002). One of the reasons for misconception is from informal play during early years where later can cause misconceptions when the children learn about physics (Allen 2014). Also, when several misconceptions gather within a child’s head that link with one another and makes sense to the child this results in the child thinking that it is the correct answer because each misconception supports the other. (Allen, 2014)
Constructivism is where information is not just processed but instead an individual will look for existing constructions and look at where the new
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