Children's Participation In The Civil War Essay

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Children’s participation on the Civil War The Civil War started on April 12, 1861 it was fought between the Union States “Northern states” of the United States and the states of the confederacy (Southern States). They were many causes of the Civil War, differences between northern and southern states on the idea of slavery, as well as trade, tariffs, and states rights. Children were an important role, they were a much bigger portion of the united states population in 1860, than in the 21st century, with persons under age 19 making up nearly half of the population compared to 25% less than today. The Civil War was also known as the “The Boy’s War”. Children took up jobs that their fathers or brothers had left vacant or those that their mothers could not manage alone as the new head of the household. They would help tend to livestock and crops, serve as clerks or helpers for the family business, cook meals, and watch their younger…show more content…
He gained fame for his actions at Chickasaw, armed with a musket sawed down for his to carry. His nickname was “Johnny Shiloh”, he inspired a song “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh”. In September 20, Clem joined the 22nd Michigan in the defense of Horseshoe Ridge. He was also nominated to West Point by president Ulysses S. Grant. He enjoyed a successful second military career, rising to the rank of colonel and assistant quartermaster general by 1906. He retired on the eve of U.S. entry into World War veteran to actively serve in the U.S. Army. Clem died in 1937 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. After all the Civil War was mostly made of children some would called “The Boy’s War” because in the time they were more children than in the 21st century, some children would lie about their age just to help their families. The drummer boy’s were basically children becoming soldiers, John Clem joined in the 1861, and becoming successful

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